Jesus’ Victory Over Satan

The God of peace will soon crush Satan under your feet… (Romans 16:20)

When you see a scripture such as this, you may wonder: “Hasn’t Jesus dealt with the devil already?” This is the one error that has made people assume that the devil has been dealt with once and for all and there’s no need to bother about him anymore. This has further spilled over so much that people don’t even believe that there’s a devil and even a hell.


When Jesus died on the cross and was buried, He descended into hell and defeated the devil and all the cohorts of hell. He then took from Satan the keys of death, hell and the grave.(Revelation 1:18)


What I want you to understand is that, that defeat was not to permanently eliminate the devil such the he ceases to exist anymore. When the cure for malaria was yet unknown, malaria was a killer disease. But as scientists did their research, they finally came up with a cure for the disease. The discovery of that drug was man’s victory over malaria. That didn’t eliminate and exterminate malaria from the face of the earth. All it meant was that anybody who is attacked by malaria can cure it and be free from it. Till this day, people who don’t take action when attacked by malaria still die from the disease.


In the same way, when Jesus defeated Satan, it meant that when Satan attacks any man, he/she can exercise authority and put the devil to flight. Why? Because when Jesus went to hell, He went as man and not God. So His victory over Satan made it possible for any of us to defeat Satan as well. Hallelujah!!!


If you live in ignorance and don’t find out what authority you have over the devil, and how to deal with him when he attacks you, he could do you a whole lot of damage! The devil thrives on the ignorance of man, and that’s why he will go to all lengths to distract you from giving attention to God’s Word.


Jesus’ victory over Satan is our victory as well. So when the devil shows up next time, stand in the authority Jesus has given you and put him to flight.(Luke 10:19)Eventually, God will crush Satan and completely eliminate him. So the devil has but a short time to be around. But until that time, you have authority over him, and it’s up to you to keep him where he belongs: UNDER YOUR FEET!!!

God’s Word to You – Your Manual for Life!


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I believe in Jesus Christ. I'm a blessed man and everything I do prospers. Sin has no dominion over me, sickness has no place in me and poverty has no place around me. I'm a blesser and not a curser. In my pathway there is no death!

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